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Statistics collected by @alittleracist, 12 October 2011

October 12, 2011

Stats updated as per Wednesday 12th of October 2011. Sample size: 556

A bit of statistical insight into the people who tweet they are “not racist but…”

A twitterer’s gender is determined by examining their profile photograph and/or name. If neither gives an indication of their gender, or if the two data sources conflict (for example, a photo of a guy, but a name marked as ‘sarah’), they are marked as ‘unknown’

A twitterer’s ethnic appearance is a guesstimation based on their profile picture

If a twitterer says something racist, they’re marked as such. ‘Unknown’ is used if they say something that may or may not be racist, but where it is not immediately obvious from the context which it is. They may, for example, making a joke (‘I am not racist, but I prefer brown bread’) or similar. If someone says something like ‘If you say Not Racist But, you may as well stop speaking, nothing good will follow’, then this is counted as an anti-racist message; someone is using the words ‘not racist but…’ in an effort to encourage other Twitter users to be less racist.

Other interesting stats

Obviously, there’s tons of interesting statistical analysis we can do here; which ethnicity tends to be more racist? Which gender is more racist? Are white men more racist than black women? Etc. This will all be done once we have a sufficiently large data set. For now, enjoy the following:

Average number of followers for people who tweeted something racist: 336

Average number of followers for people who tweeted something anti-racist: 561

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